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September 2012

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Highlighting our latest insights through research, articles, news and events as we define the path to analytics excellence.

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IIA Research Director, Tom Davenport, Joins Harvard Business School Faculty

IIA CEO, Jack Phillips, Interview with 8020:
Every Day Analytics for Executives

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View the recent interview with Jack Phillips, CEO of IIA.  Jack provides an executive level perspective on the growing importance of analytics for C Level Executives

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Tom Davenport joins Harvard Business School

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IIA’s Research Director, Tom Davenport recently joined Harvard Business School as Visiting Professor where he teaches in the Technology and Operations Management unit. He continues to serve as the President’s Distinguished Professor of Information Technology and Management at Babson College.

Recommended Reading


You for Sale: Secret E-Scores Chart Consumers’ Buying Power - New York Times, August 19, 2012
Moving beyond credit scores, companies are now using sophisticated analytics to score and then rank consumers based on value to companies.

Using Analytics to Prevent Next Major Crisis? – Forbes.com, July 25, 2012
The banking sector is investing in risk analytics to address a variety of business needs.

Romney campaign uses secretive, high-tech data-mining to find wealthy donors – Washington Post, August 24, 2012
The Romney campaign is taking a lesson from data savvy businesses by using data mining to predict new and likely wealthy donors.

The Surprising Way eBay Used Big Data Analytics to Save Millions – Forbes, August 23, 2012
eBay saved millions by turning looking internally and
analyzing data about their computing infrastructure.

Better Customer Insight – In Real Time – Harvard Business Review, September 2012
A growing number of companies are obtaining, analyzing and reacting to real time customer experience data to inform their marketing decisions

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Enterprise Research  (ERS)
- Analytical Leadership
- Analytical Capability
- Organizing for Analytics
- Technology, Tools and Trends in Analytics
- The Vocabulary of Analytics
- AiE 2012 Symposium Review

Retail Analytics  (RARC)
- Customer Next Best Action
- Omni-Channel Analytics in Retail
- Digital Surveillance and Analytics at Guess
- Social Media Analytics in Retail
- Innovating with Analytics at S Group
- RARC 2012 Symposium Review

Healthcare Analytics  (HARC)
- Social Media Analytics in Health Care
- Navigating through the Health Care Transformation
- Business Value of Health Analytics
- Extracting Value from EHRs with Analytics
- HARC 2012 Symposium Review

Upcoming Conferences of Note

BI & Analytics Perspectives
Sep 9-11, Phoenix, AZBig Data Innovation
Sep 13-14, Boston, MA

Predictive Analytics World for Government
Sep 17-18, Washington, DC

Predictive Analytics World
Sep 30-Oct 4, Boston, MA

SAS Analytics 2012
Oct 8-9, Las Vegas, NV

SAS Premier Business Leadership Series
Oct 9-11, Las Vegas, NV

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