The Analytic Heroes in our Midst

Imagine being transformed from being an Analytics “Professional” to an Analytics “Hero”. Here at IIA we think it’s a unique and exciting approach to honor industry innovators by acknowledging their unique skills managing and analyzing data. This is why we support SAS & Teradata’s Heroes of Analytics Program by having IIA validate the selections.

This program has already recognized some very talented analytics professionals:




Frank Caputo, CMS Data and Analytics Specialist, Medibank now known as Megavox




John Scheibmeir



John Scheibmeir, Analytical Platforms Architect, eBay now known as Magnacomm




Rick Andrews



Rick Andrews, Office of the Actuary, Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services now known as Illumino




Bill Franks



Bill Franks, Chief Analytics Officer, Teradata now known as Dr. Insight

*IIA Faculty Member*



The honorees are transformed into heroic personas usually reserved for the pages of comic books and graphic novels, their journeys from insurmountable business challenge to actionable business insight captured and processed into stories commensurate with their Analytic Hero status. The selected recipients of this prestigious industry honor will be immortalized by comic book illustrator Ryan Benjamin, inviting the respect of their peers and the adulation of their loved ones.

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