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October 2012

Welcome to IIA’s Monthly Newsletter
Highlighting our latest insights through research, articles, news and events as we define the path to analytics excellence.

Top Stories:

2012 Holiday Spending Predictions:  Retail Analytics Webcast

Analytics Superheros Validated by IIA

Making Analytics Payoff:  IIA Webcast

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2012 Holiday Spending Predictions
Retail Analytics Webcast

Holiday Shopping

2012 Holiday Spending Predictions: Using Analytics to Respond to Retail Trends

Trying to predict holiday spending this Fall?  Join us for this timely presentation of Deloitte’s 27th annual holiday spending survey, and a discussion of how critical the role of analytics is in responding to these trends.

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Analytics Superheros Validated by IIA

megavox-analytic-heroes1 (2).png

Frank Caputo, CMS Data and Analytics Specialist, Medibank transformed into Megavox

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Making Analytics Payoff:  IIA Webcast 


Miss the IIA Webcast with IIA Faculty Lead, Robert Morison?

You can still view this informational briefing detailing the most successful approaches high-performing organizations are taking toward success in analytics.

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Recommended Reading


The theme in the media this month is talent – both using analytics to get and retain talent or how to find the analytics talent you need to build your analytics organziation.


Meet the New Boss: Big Data
Wall Street Journal, September 20, 2012
Big Data Upends the Way Workers Are Paid
Wall Street Journal, September 19, 2012

Two reports of how companies are using analytics to inform their hiring and compensation decisions

Data Scientist: The Sexiest Job of the 21st Century
Harvard Business Review, October, 2012
A must read article by Tom Davenport and DJ Patil about how to get, keep and leverage  data scientists.

Big Data, Big Jobs?
Computerworld September 20, 2012
Another look at the skills needed to fill big data analytics roles

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Enterprise Research  (ERS)
Decision Discovery Process in a Major Function  – The Benefit of Social Media Analytics

Retail Analytics  (RARC)

- Merchandise Analytics
- Innovation with Analytics at SOK
- Measuring On-Shelf Availability and Lost Sales

Healthcare Analytics  (HARC)

- Analytical Lessons Learned across Industries
- Deploying Analytics in Health Organizations
- Improving Patient Safety Using Clinical Analytics

Upcoming Conferences of Note

SAS Analytics 2012
Oct 8-9, Las Vegas, NVSAS Premier Business Leadership Series
Oct 9-11, Las Vegas, NVTeradata Partners
Oct 21-25, Washington, DC
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