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November 2012

To the IIA Community,Hurricane Sandy left such a path of destruction in her wake and we, here at IIA like many of you, made calls and checked in with our loved ones, co-workers, faculty, and partners in the affected areas. As we did so, we repeatedly heard that Hurricane Sandy was a humbling reminder of life’s fundamentals – our friends and family. We were struck once again by the knowledge that while we make tremendous and exciting strides each year with technological capabilities, we are still human. We hope this message finds you all safe, with power restored and without damage to your homes and loved ones.
Also for those in the U.S., you’ll know that today is election day! Analytics have played a unique role in past elections and we’ve included a few links to a few fascinating articles.

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2012 Holiday Spending Predictions Recording
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Using Analytics to Respond to Retail Trends  

Did you miss our recent webcast?  You can still access this timely  presentation of Deloitte’s 27th annual holiday spending survey, and the discussion of how critical the role of analytics is in responding to these trends.
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Recommended Reading


Our recommended reading this month highlights the role of analytics in the presidential election


The Night A Computer Predicted the Next President
NPR, October 31, 2012
The first time computerized predictive models were used to call an election 60 years ago no one believed it could possibly be right. But it was.

Why Polling Is Always Political
Harvard Business Review, October 29, 2012
A look at polling and analytics for the current election

Coming Soon:  Every Business Is An Analytics Business
Wall Street Journal, October, 17 2012
The story behind how  MasterCard and other companies have an uncanny ability to know to know what we are doing in real time through using analytics

Big Data Tackles Patients Who Don’t Take Meds
InformationWeek October 11, 2012
Predicting who will not take their medicine, up to a year in advance.

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