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As a former physicist, I am a strong supporter of the scientific method, mathematical rigor and attention to detail, and believe all decisions should be based on data rather than intuition. I have worked on big data problems years before the term was even invented, both in an academic and an industrial setting. More specifically, I have a strong understanding of the challenges and specificities of the data science function in the context of finance, advertisement and retail. I have built data teams from scratch in several companies, and I am regularly advising young companies who collect data but don’t know quite yet how to turn their data assets it into a real competitive advantage.

I have a Master’s in particle physics and cosmology, and a PhD in experimental particle physics from UPMC – Sorbonne University. I specialized in the detection of very rare signals and understand that sometimes the smallest signals are the ones that carry the richest insights. My background has taught me rigor and exactitude.

I am currently a Senior Data Science Manager at @WalmartLabs, and lead the Metrics, Measurements and Insights team within the Search department, an eclectic team of product managers, data analysts, ML engineers and data scientists focused on machine learning best practices and turning data into actionable business and engineering insights. I am also a regular speaker at machine learning and data science conferences.

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