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As founder of Advanced Analytics of the Future (AAotF) and the Ambient Consortium, Marie Clark is leading a movement in support of organizations and individuals wishing to leverage the competitive advantage of advanced analytics and position themselves for success in the business and professional ecosystems of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Marie is passionate about the value of data-driven innovation and her experience in data management, process excellence, statistics and probability, data visualization and executive storytelling allow her to successfully navigate the emerging data and analytic landscapes and to solve problems in the new ecosystem.

Retain, Train, Collaborate - AAotF is founded on the premise that Data Science is a set of disciplines that needs to evolve in all professionals. Since business acumen and domain knowledge are the most critical factors to delivering the business value of analytics, it is essential that organizations retain their precious human resources. However, as data volumes grow and the demand for analytics becomes increasingly sophisticated, organizations and individuals must evolve their skills at an accelerated pace to remain essential and relevant. Business challenges can then be addressed collaboratively by Data Science teams, whose skills cover the required business acumen, domain knowledge, mathematics, and data management.

Marie received her Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Connecticut and her Master’s in Education from Fitchburg State College. She has 18+ years of corporate education with General Electric and United Healthcare and 8+ years consulting experience with clients of all sizes and in all phases of maturity. Together, this background and experience make her uniquely qualified to lead the transformation of analytic professionals.

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