Are All of Your Customers Profitable to You?

Gary Cokins

Managers are increasingly seeking more granular data about the costs related to delivering products to and serving a customer, as well as information about intangibles such as customer loyalty and social media messaging of the company and its competitors. This information is essential to retain and grow existing customers and to win-back and acquire the types of new customers that will be relatively more profitable.

Analysts are Movies. Executives are Snapshots.

Gary Cokins

Do you think that an organization’s executives are the most important element for an organization’s success? Maybe, but maybe not. Maybe there are key employees who are more critical in key ways than the leadership at the helm.

Historians versus Futurists – the Battle of Analysts?

Gary Cokins

Some analysts dig deep into historical information to glean insights once hidden. Other analysts are obsessed with predictive analytics and Big Data to foresee the future. Are these in actuality the same person or two different rivals with their own ideology?

Yogi Frost and Analytics. Take the Fork in the Road!

Gary Cokins

Experienced and successful analysts have a combined personality of the deep thinking poet Robert Frost and the retired New York Yankees baseball star Yogi Berra:

Robert Lee Frost (1874-1963), an American poet and recipient of four Pulitzer Prizes is well known for his narrative poem “The Road Not Taken” with its familiar and famous two sentences, “I took the one less traveled by. And that has made all the difference.”

Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee – What if Companies had a King and Queen?

Gary Cokins

This past week was the celebration of the UK Monarchy’s Diamond Jubilee marking 60 years of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign. Some readers may have not bothered with watching the hype of its four days of ceremonies while others just cannot get enough of it…

Analytics: Like a Mosquito in a Nudist Colony

Gary Cokins

There are so many opportunities to apply analytics today- it’s like being a mosquito in a nudist colony. I routinely see opportunities for analysis in my daily life. Perhaps I was born with the DNA to constantly collect data and evaluate for better outcomes. For example, which check-out line should I enter at the store? [...]

Want to Disprove Wishful Thinking? Use Analytics.

How often have you heard executives proclaim that next year, the target for financial results will be a substantial lift from the current year? For example a CEO may state, “Next year we expect to improve from a 10.3% to 15.4% rate of return on shareholder equity.” Is this leadership or wasted words? Where did [...]

Why Analytics? From Connected to Inter-connected to Interdependent

There is a referee’s penalty in the sport of American football called “piling on.” It is for unnecessarily jumping on a ball carrier who has already been tackled by others. There has been so much written about analytics that I fear if I add more, then I will be accused of “piling on.” But in [...]

Will the CFO Function Become the Driver for Analytics?

How will the adoption rate of applying analytics accelerate? Who in an organization might emerge as the primary driver? Will it only be the CEO? Analytics is certainly embraced in functions such as marketing for customer and prospect analysis and as risk management. Is it possible that the CFO function might emerge as a key [...]