Influence – Ask and You Shall Receive?


An exciting new metric, “Influence”, is making its way into the enterprise market. While most influence research has been applied to the internet at large, it is tempting to apply this concept to interactions inside of a company.

Employees are People Too


The analytics community can help those outside our discipline to understand that numbers make it possible for employees to be found and valued inside of our businesses.

The Difference between Data Scientists and Rocket Scientists


After attending several analytics conferences over the last month, I’m beginning to understand an important nuance about the community we call “analytics” worked by “analytics professionals” or “data scientists.” It seems as if the defining boundary of our discipline is almost always that we data scientists apply ourselves to business, organizational, and market data.

Using an Analytics Approach to Find Analytics Talent


As the discipline of analytics grows and becomes more complex, it becomes more critical to understand the people who are well suited to this sophisticated challenge. True Analytics Professionals (that go beyond spreadsheet work, standard BI reporting tools and ad-hoc SQL queries)…

What Measurable Human Factors Drive an Individual’s Business Performance?


It is a common and natural question for leadership to wonder what “human factors” drive (or hinder) performance in their enterprise.  And further, whether it is possible to reliably measure these factors and use them for ongoing improvement. In today’s discussion we will share some of our thinking and research to build models that measure [...]

Brain Science 101 for Data Scientists


I recently attended a seminar at nearby MIT. This session was led by H. Sebastien Seung who wrote a recently published book titled: Connectome: How the Brain’s Wiring Makes Us Who We Are.

His discussion got us thinking …

Evaluating Analytics Professionals by Proxy or Directly?

IIA Faculty Member Bill Franks, recently led an outstanding discussion titled, “What Makes a Great Analytic Professional”? Judging by the attendance and lively discussion, this was an important and timely discussion. Analytics Professionals Struggle to Hire Just Like Non-Analytics Professionals What struck me about this discussion is that analytics professionals (with the world of analytics [...]

Adding Data about Talent to Enterprise Performance Systems

It is always difficult to predict the external factors that impact your business – especially during a difficult economic cycle. IT can be significantly easier to leverage internal factors that affect business performance, and I am encouraged to see that businesses are paying more attention to one factor supremely under their control – their own [...]