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Big Google Data & Analytics: Big Money and Big Privacy Debate

In light of their new privacy policy, Google will be able to revolutionize its services for marketers. This Privacy Policy will be effective March 1, 2012 and allow Google to integrate data it collects about each user of its various websites and services into a single profile. This issue was initially addressed by Google on [...]

Is Big Data at Risk of Unleashing Big Brother?

Privacy is always a flash point. With the advent of big data, privacy is only going to be even more of a concern. The fact is that many sources of big data contain highly detailed information on what people are doing. While there are many very valid uses for most of these big data sources, [...]

The Rise of Next Best Offers

Last week in the IIA we did a webcast for our Retail Analytics Research Council on “next best offers.” I’ve been doing some research on this issue with John Lucker and Leandro DalleMule from Deloitte. I don’t want to give away the punch line of the webcast—or the article we hope to write for Harvard [...]

VT Court Strikes Down Anti-Data Mining Law

Justice is served

A recent court decision may have wide-reaching implications for analytics and data mining. In 2007, Vermont enacted a law that prohibited prescription drug data aggregators from selling their information to drug manufacturers for marketing purposes. According to the Courthouse News Service: Pharmacies collect information about the prescriptions they fill, including prescribing doctor’s name and address; [...]

New Apps Put Loyalty in Your Customers’ Pockets

Excited Shopping Woman

In an earlier post on loyalty I mentioned the challenge of a pocket full of loyalty cards: a literal pain in the butt from an aching sciatic nerve resulting from an over-stuffed wallet. But of course, there’s an app for that.  Actually there are two and they are both free. CardStar (Android, Apple, and Blackberry) [...]

Do Loyalty Programs Really Engender Loyalty?

woman doing shopping in a grocery store and paying by credit card

I recently made a trip to London that got me thinking about loyalty programs. I stopped into Tesco, a leading food retailer, to pick up a few things and was reminded of an analytics program I helped host a couple of years back that featured a speaker from Dunhumby, the firm that works with Tesco [...]

Semi-Automated Social Media Analytics

There is a lot of chatter these days about analytics related to social phenomena: social media analytics, social network analytics, etc. My impression (after talking about it with some folks who specialize in such things) was that there was more talk than action on the subject. But I keep hearing about organizations that are actually [...]

Analytics and Antagonistic Aspirations

Face with Fingers

I’ve been thinking about the ongoing Facebook privacy kerfuffle and have concluded that it comes down to what I term “antagonistic aspirations.” Facebook, like many social media sites, wants to be a place where members share unabashedly — you feel safe, connected, and free to be yourself. They also want to be the ultimate data mine [...]

Is Conversion the Holy Grail?

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In the great convervsion vs. engagement debate, one expert says the answer is “both.”