Office Hours: Fuzzy Definitions and Hard Data – Measuring the Elusive “Engagement”

Eric Peterson

IIA Office Hours: Wednesday, June 2, 2010 2:00 p.m. (ET) According to cScape’s 2010 survey, 55% of companies regard engagement as essential to their organization — and they’re investing in a variety of efforts in digital, social, and mobile channels to achieve it.  But what is engagement and how is it measured?  Without a clear understanding of what [...]

The Analytics of Old Europe — Part 2

euro banknotes

The “Rolling Thunder Analytics Tour 2010” of Europe is over, and it was something of a blur. Eight cities in two weeks (counting Savannah, where I started week one). But despite my tiredness on the flight back home, it was a rich experience. I heard (and tried to respond to) perhaps a couple hundred questions [...]

Web Conversion Surprises

Web shopper

I recently came across a post on Web Analytics World that I found quite intriguing. It reported on findings by SeeWhy, Inc. on the top retail web sites for conversion. Discussion of conversion rates is nothing new. In fact, it can become quite heated in certain circles. What was interesting about this was that only [...]

The Value of Analytics to M.C. Hammer

As we at IIA end our week on a Friday afternoon, we couldn’t resist sharing this great video of M.C. Hammer’s view of the value of Analytics to his franchise. To us, this is yet another great example of the power of Analytics out in our society today, and the power of this craft going [...]

Analytics Swings Both Ways

lottery balls

After another “Competing on Business Analytics” dinner sponsored by SAS and Accenture last night in Atlanta, what impressed me about analytics as a business resource is that it can support a very broad range of business strategies and conditions. Our two executive panelists were a great illustration of that range. David Dierker is the Vice [...]

MasterCard Takes On Predictive Marketing

Couple w Computer

MasterCard is debuting an online shopping site, MasterCard Marketplace, which breaks new ground as a card company tries to sell directly to end consumers. To date, they’ve only offered products directly as an option for redeeming reward points. According to the New York Times, MasterCard claims that it “can pinpoint with considerable accuracy what its [...]

Is Search Merging with BI?


Endeca has made a name for itself in “guided navigation” search (well, not a household name — it was recently called, “one of the larger software companies in Boston that no one has ever really heard about”). It serves online retailers by helping them make their products more findable, including Wal-Mart, Target, Tesco, Home Depot, [...]

Poll Misinterpreted, Widely Reported in MA Senate Race

Dice photo

This may seem to be a parochial issue for those of you not in Massachusetts but it is an excellent example of what can happen when statistical analysis is put into the hands of those unfamiliar with the meaning of terms and methods with which analysts are intimately acquainted. With the death  of Edward M. [...]

AT&T and the Analytics of Sustainability

cell phones

I saw an announcement today that AT&T has formed a sustainability council that includes representatives from AT&T, Cisco, the Carbon Disclosure Project, The Information Technology and Innovation Council, the University of Colorado at Denver, and the University of Texas at Austin. What’s of interest to us — and what we’ll be digging into further in [...]

Are We Entering the Age of Analytics?

Blue numbers

We encourage our members to submit guest posts for the IIA blog. Today’s is from Don Ryan, Senior Partner, iKnowtion One could argue that the Age of Analytics dawned in 2004 with the publication of Michael Lewis’ entertaining book on baseball called Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game.  Readers of this space are [...]