Will Human Analysts Ever Go Away?

Tom Davenport, IIA Research Director

Smart organizations build smart humans into their analytical processes from the beginning, in key functions and business units. They work closely with senior executives to explain analytical results, pose new questions of the data, and be present at meetings where analytics and data are discussed.

Adding Data about Talent to Enterprise Performance Systems

It is always difficult to predict the external factors that impact your business – especially during a difficult economic cycle. IT can be significantly easier to leverage internal factors that affect business performance, and I am encouraged to see that businesses are paying more attention to one factor supremely under their control – their own [...]

Keep Your Data Scientist…Send Me A Data Artist!

There is a lot of hype about the new position of “Data Scientist” (see January’s Fortune magazine). I am always happy for analytics professionals to get recognition and excitement about what we do and I’m not really hung up on what title is used. However, if you take the time to think about it, the [...]

On Using the Data You Control for Analytics, First…

Many businesses are entering new and exotic areas of analytics, with initiatives to capture social media data, job market information, and the like. These are exciting efforts, no doubt.  But often the best sources can be found more easily if business intelligence groups first focus on data sources closer to home and easier to control. [...]

Should “Bob The Marketing Guy” Be Building Your Analytics?

There is a certain topic that comes up a lot. In fact, I responded to a LinkedIn discussion on the topic just a few days ago. While there are many variations, the core of the question always gets back to this concept: “Is it a good idea to let non-analysts utilize friendly user interfaces to [...]

How Can We Expand the Pool of Analytical Talent?

At a recent lunch, a few high-performing analysts and I were talking, and it came out that all of us happened to be amateur musicians. After a few more random inquiries to colleagues, I wondered if there is a significant a link between learning to play/interpret music and skill in analytics. I also thought about [...]

Interview with Kaggle.com

I first heard of kaggle.com six months ago when a friend who manages a team of statisticians commented, “My analysts are obsessed with Kaggle, they can’t get enough free time to work on the contests.” I created an account of my own the next day to see what is pulling analytics professionals to the site. Anthony [...]

Uncovering Talent Gems

Analytical Candidates You May Not Have Considered I’ve been thinking about the problems many of us have in recruiting analytical talent since IIA’s 2011 Predictions webinar. Talent acquisition and talent development are topics that tend to spark passionate debate; even Jim Goodnight and William Green spent time on the topic at their keynote during the [...]

More Strategic Placement of Analytic Talent

Several years ago, we noticed some interesting new executive titles elevating the stature of analytics: Chief Analytics Officer and Chief Problem-Solving Officer. The CAO title even has a Wikipedia entry. In addition, other titles we have seen for a while are starting to span into more industries: Chief Scientist (not for your typical research organization, [...]

Office Hours: Building a Global Customer Analytics Capability

Global analytics

We will welcome David Fogarty, Global Customer Value Management Leader at CIGNA to our next IIA Faculty Office Hours webcast to be held on Wednesday, August 4 at 2:00 pm ET. There is no charge for IIA members to participate in this interactive program, so mark it in your calendar now. In this discussion, Fogarty [...]