Driving Analytic Value From New Data

Bill Franks

One of the best ways to improve the power of your analytics is to include some totally new information. The use of new information can enable huge leaps in the effectiveness, predictive power, and accuracy of your analytics.

Get Ready to Celebrate!

Anne Milley

As we wind down in 2012 and reflect on the past, we also want to look ahead. Next year will be an even bigger year for analytics. 2013 is the first International Year of Statistics, a worldwide celebration of statistics.

My New Boss Isn’t Big Data. Here’s why…

The Wall Street Journal recently wrote an article called, “Meet the New Boss: Big Data”. The article’s bottom line was that, increasingly, algorithms based on predictive analytics are deciding who should be hired for a job, and who should not. Humans need not review the resume – machines will handle the decision making.

The fact is that analytics used for hiring are a lot more human than the article described.

The Challenges of Educating the Next Generation of Data Scientists

Diego Klabjan

Today, in 2012, there are still only a handful of graduate and undergraduate programs focused on analytics. Some companies, like EMC, have found the talent shortage so severe that they have created their own programs to train and certify analysts. Given the high demand for these skills, why are universities so far behind?