We’ve quickly hit the time of year when the annual planning phase for most companies should be complete, and business leaders are now tasked with bringing to fruition the (likely) aggressive but attainable goals set before them. By virtue of the fact that you’re reading this, I’ll assume for the moment that you agree analytics, when applied intelligently, can be a tremendous tool to use in achieving these goals.

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Analytics Isn’t Just a Hobby Anymore

By Jack Phillips, Dec 23, 2014

As we close out 2014, and look back on how the analytics space has progressed over the past 12 months, it feels like we’ve seen a real inflection point in terms of the way companies view analytics. Organizations, now more than ever, are becoming intentional about building high-performing analytics programs.

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Predictions for Analytics in 2015

By IIA Faculty, Dec 10, 2014

Available to ERS Clients and Professional Members

Each year, IIA asks its faculty and leadership to offer perspective on what the world of analytics will look like in the coming year. This year we also solicited predictions from our diverse community of analytics practitioners. The following ten predictions were selected by a panel of judges to represent IIA’s outlook for 2015:

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2014 Analytics Predictions, Revisited

By Jack Phillips, Dec 04, 2014

Last year, IIA revealed nine predictions for 2014 that ran the gamut of organizational challenges, benefits of technology and staff augmentation, and new applications of analytical methods.

We’ll give a more in-depth review of the 2014 predictions during our 2015 Analytics Predictions Webinar on December 10. But for now, I wanted to offer my own quick take on the 2014 predictions, and see what we got right, and where we missed the mark a little bit.

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We’re excited to share our latest market research report, “Keeping Customers: Successful Loyalty Through Analytics.” This project, commissioned by SAS, sought to better understand the goals companies have in mind when they invest in customer loyalty programs, and the challenges they often face. We asked hundreds of executives at large businesses to describe their strengths and weaknesses, and used the information we collected to identify the key building blocks utilized by all high-performing customer loyalty programs.

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I won’t argue the merits of analytics here, though there are many, but I will describe for you one successful approach that forward-thinking analytics leaders have taken to create a thriving analytics program and a healthy analytics culture: Think of building your analytics program the way an entrepreneur would build a startup business.

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Ready or Not, Data is the Future of Your Business

By Jack Phillips, Nov 06, 2013

“What business are we really in?”

While out on the road, meeting with our research clients, that’s the question that keeps coming up. As companies are starting to see the value of their investment in analytics, it is opening their eyes to new transformative business opportunities, and data is at the heart of it all. Here are two examples of (non-Internet) companies making the transition to products and services powered by data.

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IIA CEO Jack Phillips was featured in this week’s Portland Business Journal, in a CEO profile. In a Q&A with Managing Editor Erik Siemers, Jack talks about setting companies at ease when talking about big data, the growing importance of analytics for all companies, and the link between rhythm and success in sales.

Among the highlights:

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The Successful Embrace Analytics

By Jack Phillips, Jul 22, 2013

In case you missed it last week, US News & World Report released their annual list of the best hospitals. Now in its 24th year, 5,000 hospitals across the US were considered, and just a select few made this year’s list. Four of the top 10 are valued IIA research clients and our sense is that their investment in analytics has a lot to do with their outstanding performance.

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And the Award Goes To…

By Jack Phillips, Jun 20, 2013

I arrived in the office this morning bright eyed and bushy tailed after several days on the road in Chicago for IIA’s annual CAO Summit. I’m known for high-fives and hand clapping when I’m pumped about a job well done, a successful event, and interesting conversations with clients.  This morning there were lots of high-fives and clapping as I greeted my team at IIA and shared my enthusiasm about the success of CAO Summit and the turn out and engagement of participants and panelists.

We kicked off the CAO Summit Tuesday night with the Excellence in Analytics Award (aka “The Ani”) presentation and dinner. I’d like to give a virtual high-five and applause to UnitedHealth Group and Intermountain Healthcare, the 2013 award recipients, who were selected by the IIA Faculty.

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