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Too often, businesses get perspectives on data and analytics best practices from technology vendors, research “analysts” and large consulting firms. But advancing analytics within your business requires an unbiased partner that cares more about your success than their own.

At IIA, we know establishing a successful analytics function requires investment in talent, data, leadership, tools, platform, and culture. Our mission at IIA is to help organizations along this journey in the most timely and cost-efficient way by connecting enterprises with practical advice from our unbiased network of analytics practitioners, business leaders and industry insiders. Work with us to find efficient, individualized solutions to the many challenges that arise on the path to analytics maturity.

Membership Unlocks Access to IIA’s:

Don’t reinvent the wheel. We’ll support your team with years of knowledge and experience from our expert network of analytics thought-leaders, practitioners, executives, and data scientists.

Facing an important decision or seeking answers to your analytics questions? Come talk to us. We’ll tap into our expert network and deliver the specific answers you need.

As an IIA member, you’ll benefit from best practice sharing and access to industry insiders and thought leaders. Tap into our expert network for practical advice and individualized solutions to the challenges you face on the path to analytics maturity.

IIA connects members to each other and to our expert network. These communities help you glean best practices and solve your challenges through collaboration and engagement. IIA’s interactive community believes that learning from those on the front lines is essential to success.

Join us in person to dive deep into the topics and discussions focused on advancing analytics within your organization. Our live events are designed to facilitate face-to-face connections and engagement between our clients and expert network. Learn from your peers to nurture your analytics program’s growth and your own depth of knowledge.

Our library of unbiased analytics research covers a wide range of topics and best practices to keep you up-to-date and prepared for the future. The library includes foundational research for members just getting started as well as innovative best-in-class analytics approaches every organization should strive to apply.

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