Analysts As Rock Stars? Don’t Be A One Hit Wonder!

What a change a few decades makes! When first starting my career as an analyst, I had no illusions about what I was getting into. I was choosing a field that most people didn’t enjoy or even understand. I knew I would get to work on neat analytical projects, but realized my role (and those [...]

Aiding an Analytics Enthusiast

How Can You Help “Bob The Marketing Guy” Succeed With Analytics? In my last blog, I wrote about the pitfalls of allowing “Bob The Marketing Guy” to build complex analytics or models using a user friendly tool, when he doesn’t really know what he is doing. Well, we cannot just tell Bob he can’t do [...]

Should “Bob The Marketing Guy” Be Building Your Analytics?

There is a certain topic that comes up a lot. In fact, I responded to a LinkedIn discussion on the topic just a few days ago. While there are many variations, the core of the question always gets back to this concept: “Is it a good idea to let non-analysts utilize friendly user interfaces to [...]

“Big Data” Is Coming, “Big Data” Is Coming:

What Does It Mean To Analytic Professionals? For my first blog posting, I decided to focus on one of the hottest topics in analytics right now: “Big Data”. Big Data is typically defined as very large, newer sources of data that don’t necessarily have a convenient or consistent structure. Think web logs, sensor data, RFID [...]

Uncovering Talent Gems

Analytical Candidates You May Not Have Considered I’ve been thinking about the problems many of us have in recruiting analytical talent since IIA’s 2011 Predictions webinar. Talent acquisition and talent development are topics that tend to spark passionate debate; even Jim Goodnight and William Green spent time on the topic at their keynote during the [...]

More Strategic Placement of Analytic Talent

Several years ago, we noticed some interesting new executive titles elevating the stature of analytics: Chief Analytics Officer and Chief Problem-Solving Officer. The CAO title even has a Wikipedia entry. In addition, other titles we have seen for a while are starting to span into more industries: Chief Scientist (not for your typical research organization, [...]

Thinking Out Loud by Tom Vol. 1

Real Estate and Other Virgin Analytical Territory There are many businesses and industries around the world that are virgin territory for analytics. Yes, many industries have considerable analytical activity underway, and more and more companies are embracing the competitive potential of analytics.  But there are far more that haven’t even begun to compete analytically. Residential [...]

Are Your Analytics Fast Enough?


There’s an interesting new study out from Aberdeen Group, a division of Harte-Hanks (free registration required), Predictive Analytics: Driving Sales with Customer Insights. Among the findings are: – 27% of respondents need to refresh their predictive models yet only 60% of those can actually do so. There’s a speed gap that may hobble the effectiveness [...]

Is Your Data Becoming Commoditized?

If your organization is in the business of supplying data—either to internal or external customers—it’s likely that your business is rapidly becoming commoditized. There is so much data in the world that it is increasingly not very valuable in itself. Most organizations need data to make better decisions, but analyzing data is difficult and time-consuming. [...]

Teaching Analytics

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One of the questions we are frequently asked is where the next generation of analysts are being trained. While advanced analytics programs are too few, SAS is hoping to change that by opening free access to its OnDemand for Academics to students worldwide in fall 2010 (full disclosure: SAS is a supporter of the IIA [...]