Decision Management and Analytics 3.0

IIA is talking about analytics entering a new era, Analytics 3.0, The Era of Impact. What is Analytics 3.0?

According to IIA, Analytics 3.0 marks the stage of maturity where leading organizations realize measurable business impact from the combination of traditional analytics and big data. High-performing companies will embed analytics directly in decision and operational processes, and take advantage of machine-learning and other technologies to generate insights in the “millions per second” rather than an “insight a week or month.” Given this definition of Analytics 3.0, what is the role of Decision Management and of Decision Management Systems?

Analytics Research Council for IT

Following the successful collaboration models of IIA’s Healthcare and Retail Analytics Research Councils (ARCs), IIA announces openings to Research Council positions in a uniquely focused environment for IT executives. The ARC for IT promises to uncover transferable practices while providing support and insights from our world’s leading analytics faculty and research team. The Analytics Research [...]

Analytics Conferences Gone Wild!


As a result of the attention business analytics has received in recent years, we’re seeing a proliferation of conferences tied to analytics. It seems like everywhere one turns, one finds another analytics conference. In addition to totally new shows, there are also some conferences that weren’t historically focused on business analytics that are now shifting [...]

The New Quantitative Era: Creating Successful Business Change with Analytics

Tom Davenport kicked off the second day of Predictive Analytics World with a keynote on the new era of quantitative, or data-driven business. Various analytic threads – web analytics, HR analytics, actuarial, predictive marketing and supply chain – are coming together in really what is best described as Enterprise analytics. The world is changing and [...]

Elements of Business Analytics

My friends at SAS, a sponsor of IIA, have a nice piece on their Knowledge Exchange – Elements of a Business Analytics Framework for IT. This lays out their view on the different kinds of decision types and maps them to decision frequency. Both in Smart (Enough) Systems and in my blog posts (like this [...]

Analytical Services Reach Full Flower

One of the most astounding developments in analytics over the past several decades is the rise of analytical professional services. Until a couple of years ago, organizations wanting to build and execute analytical applications were largely on their own. Now they’ve got plenty of help. The availability of consultants and integrators with quantitative skills, business [...]

Agile AND Industrial Analytics

I wrote a post called “It’s time to industrialize analytics” for Smart Data Collective a little while ago and it prompted Tom to reply with Agile vs Industrialized. To recap, the key point of my post was that we need to move away from analytics as a pure craft to one that has a more [...]

Do Loyalty Programs Really Engender Loyalty?

woman doing shopping in a grocery store and paying by credit card

I recently made a trip to London that got me thinking about loyalty programs. I stopped into Tesco, a leading food retailer, to pick up a few things and was reminded of an analytics program I helped host a couple of years back that featured a speaker from Dunhumby, the firm that works with Tesco [...]

Of Pizza, Panties, and Mortgage Payments

pizza delivery

Analytics have long been essential to the credit business thought pre-bust they may have been most used to find every possible person to whom credit could be extended. Now, in these tighter times, analytics are being used to more accurately measure and mitigate risk. The Los Angeles Times reports that lenders and the firms that [...]

Semi-Automated Social Media Analytics

There is a lot of chatter these days about analytics related to social phenomena: social media analytics, social network analytics, etc. My impression (after talking about it with some folks who specialize in such things) was that there was more talk than action on the subject. But I keep hearing about organizations that are actually [...]