New Apps Put Loyalty in Your Customers’ Pockets

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In an earlier post on loyalty I mentioned the challenge of a pocket full of loyalty cards: a literal pain in the butt from an aching sciatic nerve resulting from an over-stuffed wallet. But of course, there’s an app for that.  Actually there are two and they are both free. CardStar (Android, Apple, and Blackberry) [...]

Gambling on Loyalty — and Winning

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Lessons from Harrah’s loyalty strategy are still a good bet for companies seeking value from customer data and analytics.

Analytics and Antagonistic Aspirations

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I’ve been thinking about the ongoing Facebook privacy kerfuffle and have concluded that it comes down to what I term “antagonistic aspirations.” Facebook, like many social media sites, wants to be a place where members share unabashedly — you feel safe, connected, and free to be yourself. They also want to be the ultimate data mine [...]

Are Tweets on Your Dashboard?

“Study twitter—there are lessons for businesses of all other forms.” ~ Tim O’Reilly at the Web 2.0 conference that just ended in San Francisco. It seems that one can’t have a conversation about almost anything these days without talking about Twitter. It’s the It app though it  seems that there is a relatively small group [...]