Analytics In Govenment

My friend and IIA colleague Eric McNulty is right in his recent post that there is a lot of talk about analytics in Washington these days. I was there for a SAS event a couple of weeks ago, and it was interesting to think about all the areas where it’s popping up. Eric mentioned health [...]

Finding Great Analysts on Campus

Student with computer

With the continued growth of predictive analytics, the need for great analysts — always a challenge — is creating a sharper war for talent. Recently, IBM announced a partnership with DePaul University in Chicago to create a center for predictive analytics and data mining and introduce a Master of Science in Predictive Analytics degree. (Note: [...]

Teaching Analytics

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One of the questions we are frequently asked is where the next generation of analysts are being trained. While advanced analytics programs are too few, SAS is hoping to change that by opening free access to its OnDemand for Academics to students worldwide in fall 2010 (full disclosure: SAS is a supporter of the IIA [...]

Explaining Analytics

Plastic Numbers

If you need to explain analytics to a non-technical audience, this short film courtesy of IBM Social Media may be useful. It’s quite basic but that can be an advantage when presenting to the uninitiated. It is not promotional in any way so don’t be afraid of getting an IBM commercial.