Of Pizza, Panties, and Mortgage Payments

pizza delivery

Analytics have long been essential to the credit business thought pre-bust they may have been most used to find every possible person to whom credit could be extended. Now, in these tighter times, analytics are being used to more accurately measure and mitigate risk. The Los Angeles Times reports that lenders and the firms that [...]

The Analytics of Old Europe — Part 2

euro banknotes

The “Rolling Thunder Analytics Tour 2010” of Europe is over, and it was something of a blur. Eight cities in two weeks (counting Savannah, where I started week one). But despite my tiredness on the flight back home, it was a rich experience. I heard (and tried to respond to) perhaps a couple hundred questions [...]

Analytics in “Old Europe”

Old Map

Professor Thomas Davenport reports on analytics in Europe while delivering talks facilitated by Harvard Business Review and sponsored by SAS.

Geeks Making a Difference

Tom Davenport

I’m on my way home from the INFORMS Practice Conference in Orlando . A subtitle for it might be “Geeks who make a difference.” The meeting is a celebration of operations research (OR) and its application to organizations and decisions. If you’re not familiar with OR, it’s probably one of the oldest forms of analytics, [...]