More Strategic Placement of Analytic Talent

Several years ago, we noticed some interesting new executive titles elevating the stature of analytics: Chief Analytics Officer and Chief Problem-Solving Officer. The CAO title even has a Wikipedia entry. In addition, other titles we have seen for a while are starting to span into more industries: Chief Scientist (not for your typical research organization, [...]

Office Hours: Applying Analytics to Human Capital and Talent Management

October 6, 2010 at 2PM EDT Tom Davenport, IIA Director of Research and Visiting Professor, Harvard Business School Jeanne Harris, Executive Research Fellow, Accenture Institute for High Performance Jeremy Shapiro, Executive Director, HR Analytics—Morgan Stanley Can you use analytics to better manage your organization’s human capital? If you’ve seen the article on Google in the [...]

Is Your Data Becoming Commoditized?

If your organization is in the business of supplying data—either to internal or external customers—it’s likely that your business is rapidly becoming commoditized. There is so much data in the world that it is increasingly not very valuable in itself. Most organizations need data to make better decisions, but analyzing data is difficult and time-consuming. [...]

Scores Rise at Data-Driven Schools


I wanted to pass along an interesting article from last Friday’s Wall Street Journal on the improvement seen at data-driven schools. Using analytics (and, more important, using the information to trigger immediate interventions at the sign of academic trouble), the Montgomery, MD (USA) public schools have boosted performance on AP tests and even closed the [...]