Analytics In Govenment

My friend and IIA colleague Eric McNulty is right in his recent post that there is a lot of talk about analytics in Washington these days. I was there for a SAS event a couple of weeks ago, and it was interesting to think about all the areas where it’s popping up. Eric mentioned health [...]

Learning to Love Washington

The White House, Credit: Wikipedia Commons

Analytics professionals should love the Obama administration. This is not a political statement (really). As the speculation machine cranks up in anticipation of the fall mid-term elections, much will be made of what has been accomplished by the current occupant of the White House and the Democrat-controlled Congress. Whether you are from the “Yes We [...]

New Apps for Government Data

DC map

The treasure trove of government data is being plumbed by a growing number of analysts and applications developers as reported by the New York Times. Among the most inventive is Stumble Safely, a guide to walking home from Washington, D.C. bars while avoiding crime hot spots (I have to admit that I took an illuminating [...]