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Improve Analytics Performance

IIA helps enterprises make the transition to data-driven decision-making and advanced analytics by improving the capabilities and effectiveness of their analytics teams.

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The Latest From IIA

IIA releases a steady cadence of blogs, podcasts, webinars and original content featuring our unique, practitioner-focused perspectives and insights. Here are the latest releases from IIA.

What’s next for data engineering? As more data workloads move to the cloud, data mesh adoption increases, and data warehouses bring on streaming capabilities, the opportunity is ripe for data teams to transform how they…

The ANNY is a unique award in the field of data and analytics. It celebrates the implementation of complex analytics initiatives at large, sophisticated organizations, and the progression of analytics programs as a result of the project’s success. The spirit of the ANNY is about driving business value as an analytics program as opposed to calling out individual leaders.

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Most analytics leaders put self-service analytics at the top of their list of items on their annual roadmap, but they never seem to talk about the potentially disastrous implications of creating self-service tools. Enabling self-service analytics sounds straightforward where data…

Analytics Maturity

Analytics Maturity

IIA is the leading expert on measuring and advancing analytics maturity. Estimate your organization’s analytics maturity with our free online maturity assessment tool.

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Unique & Unbiased Insights

Blogs, webinars, and content from IIA leaders and experts. Experience IIA’s uniquely focused perspective on data, analytics, AI, and how to advance your enterprise capably.

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A Community of Practitioners

The IIA community consists of thousands of analytics leaders and professionals from around the globe who are leveraging IIA to change the way their teams deliver value.

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Areas of Expertise

IIA helps analytics organizations build capabilities across seven essential areas including strategy, organization structure, data management, technology, demand management, and culture.


Establishing a successful analytics function requires investment in talent, data, leadership, tools, platform, and culture. Work with us to find efficient, individualized solutions to the many challenges that arise on the path to analytics maturity.

IIA services provide analytics strategy, expertise and measurement, to create successful analytics capabilities and deliver maximum return.

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Measure. Prioritize. Take Action.

Get diagnostic insights, recommendations and benchmarking on your enterprise analytics maturity, your analytics organization capabilities, and the skills of your individual contributors.

Drive & Scale With Unbiased Insights

Access to the leading network of independent analytics expertise, allowing you to apply real practitioner insights against initiatives, projects, and problems.

Collaborate & Build Capabilities

Join moderated cohorts of analytics executives from diverse industries. Cohorts meet regularly to share and discuss effective strategies and best practices, as well as discover and develop analytics innovation.

Leverage Outside Help While Retaining Control

IIA believes that analytics organizations are most successful when they retain control of their core strategies, capabilities and delivery activities. Outsourcing those might get things done in the short term, but it can jeopardize long-term alignment, adoption and value. As a result, IIA doesn’t provide staff augmentation, project execution support or long-term consulting.

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Access to the Best Analytics Experts

IIA’s Expert Network is fully available to clients to share years of knowledge and experience across the full spectrum of data and analytics, and includes analytics thought leaders, practitioners, executives, data scientists, data engineers and others.

Cross Industry Expertise

IIA services a wide range of clients across multiple industries. IIA’s innovative approach allows us to service individual industries while leveraging the best practices and advances across all industries.

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Improving patient care and increasing staff efficiencies are just some of the outcomes of a strong analytics organization. Our healthcare clients have been able to see drastic improvements in staffing, patient services all while maintaining patient privacy through analytic solutions we have helped them implement. See where we can help you grow today!

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Media & Entertainment

If you could predict market trends and the spending thresholds of your target consumer - how would that change your business? We have helped our media and entertainment clients use analytics to better forecast sales and peak spending trends to help them grow their business.

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Financial Services

In an industry that has ever evolving regulations, having processes and people in place to adjust to change is imperative. We have the research and experts to help coach your analytics team on how to build strategies around change. Let us show you what we can do for your team.

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Understanding your buyers behavior and trends are no longer a nice to have but a must to have to stay competitive in the market. We at IIA help our retail and consumer product clients build the teams they need to maintain their competitive advantage. Let us help you improve your analytics organization today!

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When success is heavily reliant efficiencies and lean operations, knowing when you might face a disruption in the process saves resources, time and money. The manufacturing clients we serve have gained valuable insight and support within their analytics organization. They have helped forecast issues, prevented shutdowns and improve lean efforts. Learn how we can help your teams improve!

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Transportation & Logistics

Pricing increases can change quickly in the world of logistics and transportation and if those price changes aren’t socialized fast enough to clients, the company will be eating those fees. We have helped analytics teams build models to forecast pricing changes and methods to share those changes. Let us show you how we can help your organization!