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Ajay Chandramouly has over 13 years of experience in the technology industry with over 10 years of experience at Intel Corporation. Ajay has held a variety of IT, software and hardware engineering positions while at Intel and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. Ajay has spoken at numerous forums worldwide including Gigaom Structure Data 2014, Big Data 2014, Computer World’s Storage Networking World and the National Defense Industrial Association. In addition, Ajay is a highly regarded expert in his field of Big Data, Cloud Computing and data center management and has been interviewed and cited in prestigious publications such as Information Week, Forbes Magazine, and Business Week among others. In addition, Ajay has co-authored several white papers that can be found on www.intel.com/it . Ajay’s current role as Big Data Domain Owner is to share Intel IT’s Big Data best practices with his senior IT peers across the industry. Ajay holds both an MBA and MSE from UC Davis. Follow Ajay on Twitter @ajayc47.

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