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John Serri has over 30 years’ experience in the design, development, and operation of complex systems. John currently is leading Analytics acitivities at Manhattan Software Inc., and responsible for the creation and development of Manhattan’s Analytical Platform used for the visualization, analysis, benchmarking and optimization of large corporate real estate portfolios. As a result of this activity, Manhattan has been selected by CIO Review in 2014 as in the Top 100 Most Promising Big Data Companies.

John’s technical background in Physics and Mathematics has been applied to a wide variety of endeavors from statistical modeling of gas molecules interacting with crystal surfaces to determining the best routes to send data through rapidly changing networks. His interest in large systems led to the design and development of multi-billion dollar secure global networks, low earth orbit sat-phone networks, sensor distribution networks, and enterprise applications. Over his career, he has been a technical leader at major corporations including AT&T, Lucent, Loral and Globalstar.

John has a PhD in Physics from MIT. While engaged in industry, John remains active in the sciences; recently he was the technical editor of a major textbook, Quantum Physics for Scientists and Technologists, 2011 (John Wiley & Sons, Inc.) and he continues to teach astronomy and computer science at the university level. He is also the author of many workplace technology articles for leading facility management and real estate industry publications. John also holds a number of patents and more than 20 peer reviewed scientific or engineering publications.

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