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Matthias Kehder, CEO of Modern Analytics, has over 20 years of statistical modeling, machine learning and Big Data experience across many industries. His in-depth knowledge of applied statistics and their business applications, allows his clients to streamline and optimize their processes. At Modern Analytics, he architected and developed Model Factory, a disruptive technology software platform to exploit Big Data, which automates predictive modeling and forecasting. Model Factory allows for virtual limitless deployment of analytical processes such as regressions, neural networks or time series methods with a fraction of the resources required by manual methods. Mr. Kehder is also serving as faculty member on the Banking Analytics Research Council of the International Institute for Analytics (IIA) lead by Thomas Davenport.

A co-founder of Modern Analytics, Mr. Kehder was also a founder and chief architect of Genalytics Inc., a provider of advanced business analytics software using genetic algorithms and neural networks. At Genalytics, he provided the vision and intellectual property to the underlying software. Mr. Kehder’s ground breaking analytical work resulted in the award of patents in the fields of machine learning.

Prior to Genalytics, Mr. Kehder was manager of European analytics for Tessera Inc., a consulting firm based in Boston,MA. While at Tessera, Mr. Kehder’s work for Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) provided the analytical backbone to a state-of-the-CRM system. Ultimately, this work was awarded the European SAS application of the year in 2000.

Before joining Tessera, Mr. Kehder held senior positions at leading companies, including Epsilon, Resort Condominiums International, and research facilities such as the Krannert Institute of Cardiology in Indianapolis, IN.

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