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Sanjeev Kumar is the Analytics Product Manager for Dell’s Enterprise IT organization. Sanjeev manages IT’s analytics investments and is part of the core Dell team defining Dell’s future state analytics strategy and roadmap. He works across all Dell business units to create and realize high ROI analytics value propositions as well as advises Dell Services’ verticals on customer centric analytics solutions. His other responsibilities include evangelizing analytics, architecting analytical solutions, evaluating vendor technologies, mentoring and advising data scientists, and maturing analytics across Dell; he has been instrumental in helping create Dell’s Decision Sciences Council.

Sanjeev has been in the analytics field for 15 years. Prior to working at Dell, Sanjeev held roles as an advanced analytics business development manager in the health care sector and as an advanced analytics consultant in the defense and online sales and retail industries for fortune 500 companies.

Sanjeev holds a Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence & Computer Science from University College London, UK. He is recognized as an expert in the field of evolutionary and genetic computation where his research centered on building and understanding the behavior of complex adaptive systems. He has applied predictive and prescriptive modeling in fields as diverse as computer science, systems biology, robotic control systems, and mechanical engineering. He has held post-doctoral research positions and taught undergraduates and graduates at Cornell University and the Krasnow Institute for Neurosciences and Advanced Studies at George Mason University, VA. He has numerous peer-reviewed publications including editorships of special issue journals, conference, workshop proceedings, and invited book chapters. He is the editor of the book, On Growth, Form, and Computers, published by Academic Press.

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