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Stephan Kudyba is founder of the analytic solutions company, Null Sigma, which focuses on providing strategic analytic solutions for organizations across industry sectors. He is also a professor in the management department at New Jersey Institute of Technology where he teaches courses that address the utilization of IT, advanced quantitative methods, business intelligence, and information and knowledge management to enhance organizational efficiency. He has published numerous books, journal articles and magazine articles on strategic utilization of data, IT and analytics to enhance organizational and macro productivity.

Dr. Kudyba began his career designing models to trade financial markets in the investment banking industry and later turned his focus to Business Intelligence and Data Mining applications at Cognos Corporation. His latest book, Big Data, Mining and Analytics: Components of Strategic Decisions addresses the critical topic of leveraging evolving data resources to generate actionable information for insightful decision making. Dr. Kudyba holds an MBA from Lehigh University and PhD in economics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

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