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In today’s complex business environment, building a successful analytics program is a difficult but necessary way to keep up with the competition. Even with all of the latest hardware and software technology available today, business leaders report that 50 percent of analytics projects fail and executives describe only 8 percent of projects as “very successful” and just 27 percent of projects as “successful.”

What Usually Goes Wrong?

Technology is not typically the reason that analytics projects fail. Most often these initiatives don’t succeed for one or many of the following reasons:

  • Disagreement on or lack of enterprise strategy
  • Organizational resistance
  • Lacking the right skills
  • Asking the wrong questions or insufficient domain knowledge
  • Corporate cultures that aren’t built around data

IIA’s Role in Building Successful Analytics Programs

With our network of 60+ analytics experts and community of analytics practitioners, IIA is uniquely positioned to offer advice in the areas where analytics programs most often fail. IIA provides research and advisory services designed to help firms build and maintain strong analytics programs that create competitive advantage.

Engaging with IIA will allow you to maximize analytics program ROI with unbiased, practitioner-focused offerings in three key areas:

  • Strategy
  • Measurement
  • Execution



Our work doesn’t end with measurement. Once you know your strengths and weaknesses, work with IIA and our analytics experts to chart a course for improvement. With IIA’s Analytics Consulting Services, we can point your analytics program in the right direction, so you can more quickly reach analytics maturity, compete in the new data economy, and win.



The influential business leader Peter Drucker famously said “What gets measured gets managed.” As companies invest time and money into analytics, acquiring the staff and the technology, how can they be sure they are making the right moves, or keeping pace with the competition? With The Analytics Maturity Assessment, IIA can measure your analytics program and rate your progress against your peers.



Take advantage of our ongoing support. Bolster your analytics program with access to our Research & Advisory Network, which comes with our in-depth research library, inquiry service, moderated phone calls, webinars and events. Our vast network of analytics experts, academics and analytics leaders at successful companies, can guide you as you build and grow successful analytic programs.

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