Archived Webinar

2016 Analytics Priorities and Predictions Webinar

The demand for analytics has never been greater, creating more opportunities but also more time constraints on analytics professionals. With rapid advances in technology and applied uses for analytics, knowing where to devote time, and what trends to pay attention to, has never been more important.

With that in mind, the International Institute for Analytics has unveiled its list of analytics predictions and priorities for 2016. Each year, IIA shares its take on the upcoming year in the world of analytics, presenting viewpoints from leading analytics practitioners, executives and thought leaders. This year, IIA has gathered feedback from more than 200 analytics executives and our broad network of unbiased analytics experts.

Watch as best selling author and IIA Co-Founder Tom Davenport, IIA Research Director Dan Magestro and IIA Lead Faculty Member Robert Morison unveil and discuss the major trends for analytics leaders to stay ahead of in 2016. Don’t miss this compelling hour of insights to learn where to focus your time, attention and resources in the coming year.