Archived Webinar

Creating and Evaluating Retail Floor Sets with Graph-Based Analytics

In a retail setting, a floor set is not only a way to showcase the brand, but also provides customers with a summarized view of the product landscape as seen in the retailer’s mind. Applying graph-based analytics allows the detection of historical product affinities and identification of groups of strongly connected products that can help form a highly productive floor set. In this webinar, we take a look at a method of analyzing customer purchase histories using graph-based analytics. We provide an overview of storing data as graphs and demonstrate how affinities among products can be detected to make decisions on which products are best displayed together.

Watch the on-demand recording to learn how to optimize retail floor sets with graph-based analytics and avoid unnecessary reactive movement of product.

Presenters: Leigh Helsel, Retail Principal and ICC Lee Hong, Data Scientist, ICC