Archived Webinar

Solve Your Business Riddles with Big Data Analytics

Featuring IIA Faculty Members Bill Franks, Mark Gallardo, Joy King and David Wiggin

In this webinar, you’ll learn how Big Data Analytics is solving new analytics riddles. The combination of new types of data (e.g. multi-structured) and powerful, high performance advanced analytics are showing some impressive early results across multiple industries. Understand how the very same tools & techniques are used to personalize offers in retail, predict disease in healthcare and determine gene / disease correlation in pharma. Could similar approaches help your organization?


Presenter Information:

  • Bill Franks is Chief Analytics Officer at Teradata Corporation
  • Mark Gallardo is Principal Industry Consultant, Retail at Teradata Corporation
  • Joy King is Practice Lead, Lifesciences Industry Consulting at Teradata Corporation
  • David Wiggin is Program Director, Healthcare & Life Sciences at Teradata Corporation