Cognitive technology, microservices top 2016 analytics trends list

Dec 17, 2015


By Nicole Laskowski, SearchCIO

The International Institute for Analytics (IIA) has released its list of predictions for analytics trends in 2016. Unlike in years past, the IIA is dividing its list into two distinct groups — the first focused on analytics predictions; the second focused on analytics priorities. IIA co-founder Tom Davenport, and researchers Dan Magestro and Robert Morison, discussed the predictions and priorities during a recent webinar.

The Portland, Ore., advisory and research organization’s list of five analytics trends includes a mix of advanced technologies and predictions that suggest analytics will become more of a generic, everyday thing in 2016. “And having analytics as more of an everyday thing is a reflection of advancing maturity,” said Morison, analytics consultant and researcher at the IIA and webinar moderator.

The IIA’s five analytics predictions are as follows:

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