Training and Workshops

On Site Training

IIA offers one- and two-day training workshops led by IIA’s analytics experts. IIA’s training sessions deliver fast, transformative thinking designed to focus your analytics efforts. These customized engagements deliver private, in-person lectures, roundtables and moderated discussions, to meet your group’s specific needs. IIA’s training sessions are great for team building, continuing education, and kicking off analytics initiatives.

Online training

InsightPath’s online modules teach your teams important fundamentals, common language and the four-step InsightPath framework. Teams are provided individual and group competency benchmarks by taking a pre- and post-assessment. The learning is supported with case-study scenarios and an interactive toolkit that includes knowledge checks, quizzes, learning activities and action-planning worksheets. Throughout this experience, you will take away immediate and practical insights.

Custom engagements

Leverage IIA’s Expert Network to provide unique perspectives on your group’s strategic and tactical analytics problems. These customized engagements deliver private, in-person lectures, roundtables and moderated discussions, to meet your group’s specific needs. Custom engagements are great for team building, continuing education, and kicking off analytics initiatives.

Enterprise analytics training

Successful analytics oriented enterprises are not those with the highest number of Tableau licenses – they are those with the highest number of Tableau license holders who know how to use them for the greatest strategic impact.

IIA’s Enterprise Analytics Training (EAT) provides the foundational business skills needed to help your workforce understand and leverage the power of analytics.

Train your workforce to build enterprise IQ in strategic business analytics

Score your current effectiveness

Baseline everyone’s knowledge

Deliver virtual analytics training

Conduct industry-specific virtual training

Drive home lessons learned with on-site training

Offer on-demand training specific to learners’ unique needs

Measure ROI

Assemble these pieces for a more data-driven workforce

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Chalk Talks

Topics include:

The Power of Analytics: Analytics 101

This 1-hour “Chalk Talk” will provide an overview of analytics and big data and how organizations are harnessing the power of analytics to create competitive advantage. Talking points covered include:

  • Defining Analytics and Big Data—An Overview
  • Three Types of Analytics: Descriptive, Predictive, Prescriptive
  • Common Analytical Applications
  • Types of Business Processes that Lend Themselves to Analytics
  • Opportunities to Leverage Data and Analytics for Business Impact
  • Measuring Progress: The DELTA Model

The Leaders of the Pack: Defining the High-Performing Analytics Organization

This 1-hour “Chalk Talk” will first outline these essential traits, and then present 2-3 case studies drawn from IIA’s research of how analytics is driving high performance.

Maturity of Analytics by Industry: How does yours stack up?

In this “Chalk Talk,” Jack Phillips will share IIA’s recent research findings that uncover key applications and maturities as well as which industries are analytics leaders and which are laggards.

New Analytics Software: The List to Watch

In this “Chalk Talk,” CEO Jack Phillips will present IIA’s list of the newest analytics software companies to consider, with a description of the niche each one aims to exploit.

Establishing True North: Setting Your Analytics “North Star”

This “Chalk Talk” will review a common approach to establishing “true north” for an analytics program and gaining consensus around that direction to ensure success.

The Hottest Job in America—Analytical Talent: What they want, and how to find them

In this 1-hour “Chalk Talk”, IIA CEO Jack Phillips will present findings from IIA’s recent survey and study focused on quantifying the key characteristics of data scientists, analysts, and analytics leaders. Jack will explore the key findings from the study and discuss reliable strategies for finding analytical talent, both within and outside of the enterprise.

Lost in Translation: Learning to Speak the New Language of Analytics

This 1-hour “Chalk Talk” will first present IIA’s “vocabulary list” along with common definitions, then focus on 3-5 key terms that cause the most consternation.

Make Room at the Table: The Emergence of the Chief Analytics Officer

In this 1-hour “Chalk Talk”, IIA CEO Jack Phillips will present a set of duties that many analytics leaders own today and then answer the common question of whether this is a business, technical, or quantitative function.

What Exactly is Big Data Anyway?

This 1-hour “Chalk Talk” will review the leading definitions in the marketplace today, contrast big data against small data, and present specific use cases from three organizations of various sizes drawn from IIA’s existing research library.

Analytics 3.0: The Era of Impact

This 1-hour “Chalk Talk” will:

  • Describe the framework in detail with explanation of the 1.0 and 2.0 phases
  • Present case study examples of high-performing analytics organizations who represent the new Analytics 3.0 era
  • Describe how Analytics 3.0 relates to other analytics maturity models

The Art of Analytics Team Design and Program Management

This 1-hour “Chalk Talk” will:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the leading organizational designs for analytics programs across various industries and company sizes
  • Present examples of analytics program organizing principles, missions and statements of purpose
  • Answer where the analytics function should report

Cutting Through The Hype: What You Need To Know About Artificial Intelligence

This talk will cut through the hype around artificial intelligence (AI) and help the audience better understand what they need to know about the state of AI today. Included in the discussion will be examples of AI in action and the value it can drive, what AI can and can’t do today, how AI differs from (and is similar to) other analytics approaches, tips on getting started, and perspectives on the future of AI. The aim of the presentation is to be both educational and thought provoking.

Building A High-Performance Analytics & Data Science Team

As analytics and data science continue to grow in importance, the size and scope of the organizations that support these activities are also growing. With larger teams, an ever more complex analytics tool and technology landscape, and an increasing breadth of analytics requirements, it is critical to maintain focus on building a team that can succeed. This talk will discuss a variety of topics related to how a successful modern-day analytics and data science organization can grow, mature, and succeed. Topics will include guidance on organizing, recruiting, retaining, and instilling a winning culture within an analytics and data science organization.

The Analytics Of Things

The Internet of Things (IOT) has arrived and is growing rapidly in scope and influence. From industrial equipment, to personal tracking devices, to smart grid infrastructure, the number of connected devices is increasing exponentially. This means that the data generated by the IOT is growing exponentially as well.

While there is a lot of value hidden in IOT data, there are many challenges in extracting that value through analytics. This talk will walk through some of the key issues that organizations will face as they attempt to analyze IOT data as well as some examples of IOT analytics today and those coming tomorrow. By the end of the talk, attendees will see why many are calling it The Analytics of Things (AOT) rather than the Internet of Things (IOT).

Driving Impact With Big Data

Big data is everywhere. You can’t avoid being exposed to discussions around big data, and the analysis of it, on a regular basis. The downside of this attention is that there is a lot of hype and misinformation in the marketplace. Many companies are confused about how to get started, what actions to take, and what pitfalls to avoid. Based on content from the popular books Taming The Big Data Tidal Wave and The Analytics Revolution, this talk will provide an overview of important themes to understand regarding big data. The talk will address technological, organizational, and cultural points that must be considered. Most importantly, the talk will aim to provide attendees a solid direction to take their big data initiatives.

The Industrial Revolution Of Analytics Is Here

Focus today is shifting from simply capturing big data and discovering new insights with it to operationalizing those insights. The industrial revolution took manufacturing processes from an artisanal practice to a modern technological marvel that is able to manufacture quality items at massive scale. The same type of revolution must happen with analytics and big data. Based on the popular book The Analytics Revolution, this talk will address technological, organizational, and cultural points that must be considered to succeed in making big data actionable and operational.

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