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Analytics Leadership Consortium Brochure

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About ALC

A Unique Approach to Achieving Analytics Leadership

Leading analytics in a large organization is a daunting challenge. Analytics leadership teams need to deliver against massive expectations set at the highest level of the company. These teams are often tapped to find ways to scale beyond successful proofs of concepts or functional analytics. They must deliver enterprise wide analytics capability and typically in companies seriously lacking in analytics maturity or even fundamental analytical understanding.

Because analytics leaders are naturally curious, they tend to research industry best practices along with tools and techniques that may fit with their business. However, most best practices are highly theoretical or suspiciously connected to a vendor solution. Analytics leaders and their teams need a place to turn to for objective truth, insightful feedback from peers and experts, as well as access to topics they should know about but may not yet be fully aware of. Turning to a set of peers for advice and counsel provides validation on the best approach so leaders can move with more speed and confidence in decision-making.