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What is your plan to meet analytics and AI demand?

Every enterprise wants to be data-driven but few have a solid grasp on where they stand. IIA can help you measure, define, and advance your analytics and AI strategy.

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The Latest From IIA

Practitioner-focused blogs, eBooks, webinars, and more complimentary resources to guide the transition from analytics and AI capabilities to strategic integration and user adoption.

Any enterprise looking to stay competitive must consider leveraging knowledge graphs and LLMs to unlock the value hidden within their data. This article unpacks the latest research and business implications.
Join this powerhouse panel of IIA Experts where we explore emerging trends, technological shifts, and strategic considerations shaping AI strategy in 2024. This session will help you re-think old paradigms,…

Analytics Maturity Transition Guide: Stage 1-2

Embark on a transformative journey to take your analytical capabilities from an analytical beginner to having strong localized analytics with our newest eBook.

Competing on analytics means tackling the human, not technical challenges. IIA is here to help you drive analytical effectiveness across the enterprise.

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Assess Your Analytics Maturity

Gain insight into your demand and supply-side competencies and chart a path toward strategic and pervasive use of advanced analytics across the enterprise.

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Execute Your Strategic Roadmap

Leverage IIA’s battle-tested frameworks and exclusive network of active practitioners and unbiased experts to take action on assessment recommendations.

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Become a Better Leader

Share strategies and best practices on a regular basis with fellow data and analytics leaders in small, non-competitive cohorts. Chatham House Rules apply.

We specialize in helping enterprises transition to data-driven decision-making and advanced analytics.

Is your enterprise bought in on analytics and AI and yet there’s still little data confidence, analytical integration, and adoption? You may have a BI sufficiency problem.

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Measure. Prioritize. Take Action.

Get diagnostic insights, recommendations and benchmarking on your enterprise analytics maturity, your analytics organization capabilities, and the skills of your individual contributors.

Drive & Scale With Unbiased Insights

Access to the leading network of independent analytics expertise, allowing you to apply real practitioner insights against initiatives, projects, and problems.

Collaborate & Build Capabilities

Join moderated cohorts of analytics executives from diverse industries. Cohorts meet regularly to share and discuss effective strategies and best practices, as well as discover and develop analytics innovation.

Leverage Outside Help While Retaining Control

IIA believes that analytics organizations are most successful when they retain control of their core strategies, capabilities and delivery activities. Outsourcing those might get things done in the short term,…

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