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Business Intelligence Maturity Framework

Several years ago, while focusing on the cohort of clients whose scores on IIA’s industry-standard Analytics Maturity Assessment (AMA) were below the assessment’s midpoint of 3.0, and specifically on those companies whose scores did not improve significantly, year-over-year, we discovered a series of blockers that we refer to, collectively, as business intelligence (BI) sufficiency. Companies that have not achieved a level of BI sufficiency struggle to develop their advanced analytics competencies.

To respond to this clear struggle, experts at IIA developed this Business Intelligence Maturity Framework to make sure you're asking the right questions when analyzing areas of your BI maturity and to set you on the right track toward your BI goals. The eBook covers 10 different aspects of BI maturity with 5 from the "data stack" and 5 from the "analytical stack". The categories range from data scope and confidence to the often-overlooked analytical socialization.