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Analytics Maturity Assessments

Our diagnostic tools and tailored solutions harmonize data supply and demand, helping you drive alignment, adoption, and ROI.

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Demand-Driven Analytics Leadership

You’ve spent enough time courting technology. To cultivate data-informed decision-making, you must intimately understand and collaborate with your data consumers. We know this is the hardest part of your job and we can make it easier.

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  • Watch this short video detailing how we identify barriers to your team’s progress and help organizations prioritize development and investment.

  • This quick video explains the breadth and depth of our analytics maturity assessment tools and how they help enterprises realize the value of their data.

Measure. Plan. Execute. Improve.

Your analytics maturity score is the journey, not the destination. Give us 15 minutes and we’ll draw the map for analytics success.

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What Makes IIA’s Analytics Maturity Assessments Different?

Comprehensive: Scoring over 100 competencies and qualitative dimensions, IIA assessments are the broadest and deepest on the market.

Demand-Side Driven: IIA assessments deliver unmatched insights into your data consumers’ decision-making skills and values, not just the technical capabilities of the data and analytics team.

Unbiased: IIA assessments are not a vehicle for selling software, hardware, outsourcing, or implementation services.

Repeatable: IIA assessments are used annually to track progress, demonstrate value, and secure future investment.

Action-Oriented: IIA assessments recommend concrete activities to increase advanced analytics and AI adoption within your company’s unique culture, history, and characteristics.

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Top Assessment Frameworks

Download these complementary resources to see how our clients are taking action based on assessment scores and tailored recommendations.

Data Strategy

Recommendation: Improve data availability, timeliness, and quality.

Demand Segmentation

Recommendation: Understand your data consumers, develop demand-based analytics strategy.

Prioritizing Analytics Projects

Recommendation: Develop clear and intentional method to source and execute analytics projects.

Analytics Capability

Recommendation: Explicitly map out analytics capabilities, build multi-year plan to enhance them.


Recommendation: Give employees broader and deeper access to data, empower them to make decisions without your intervention.

Analytics Community of Practice

Recommendation: Improve and align analytics activities, identify unknown pockets of analytics use and expertise.

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