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Explore insights from IIA and select content from our research library below. Our content is always independent and driven by our clients’ everyday problems, challenges and initiatives.

2024 Predictions and Priorities: AI Edition

Join this powerhouse panel of IIA Experts where we explore emerging trends, technological shifts, and strategic considerations shaping AI strategy in 2024. This session will help you re-think old paradigms,…

Analytics Maturity Transition Guide: Stage 3 to 4

This guide provides a roadmap for organizations moving from Stage 3, where analytical awareness takes root, to Stage 4, where analytics becomes seamlessly integrated into the enterprise.

2024 AI Strategy: Are You a Jellyfish or Flatworm Company?

Dan McCreary knows a thing or two about representing knowledge in a vast, complex organization. Come join him in this webinar covering the 2024 AI strategy landscape.

Analytics Maturity Transition Guide: Stage 1-2

Embark on a transformative journey to take your analytical capabilities from an analytical beginner to having strong localized analytics with our newest eBook.

2023 ANNY Award Showcase

Join us as ANNY Award finalists take the virtual stage to share their methodologies and the incredible impact of their projects before we reveal our 2023 winner.

Analytics Maturity Transition Guide: Stage 2-3

Use this complimentary resource to create broader data and analytics awareness across the enterprise and raise the ambition of business stakeholders to leverage analytics and AI.

Unlocking Enterprise Analytics and AI: AMA Session with IIA’s Expert Network

In this “Ask Me Anything” session, IIA shines a spotlight on its Expert Network to answer your burning questions. IIA manages a diverse community of data and analytics practitioners and…

From Hype to Action: Adopting Large Language Models as an Enterprise

In IIA’s 2023 Predictions and Priorities, we made the claim that large language models and generative AI would grow exponentially over the next year. But not even our experts could…

Maturing Your Data Strategy: Overcoming External Data Hurdles and Enriching Predictive Forecasts at Scale

Are you struggling to integrate external data sources and build trust in your predictive forecasts? For many enterprises, data and analytics maturity means taking strides in normalizing and scaling alternative…

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