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Explore insights from IIA and select content from our research library below. Our content is always independent and driven by our clients’ everyday problems, challenges and initiatives.

RAN Roundtable - Identifying and Training Your Internal Consultant

This roundtable discussion is an extension of Kathleen Maley’s April session on analytics engagement models. This conversation among data and analytics leaders will explore how to effectively identify potential consultants…

RAN Roundtable - Data Storytelling

In this roundtable discussion, data and analytics leaders discuss their challenges and successes in crystalizing the value of analytics for the business through data storytelling.

Mapping an Information Economy - eBook

In establishing enterprise analytics programs, leaders often neglect the importance of characterizing their cultural state and unique information economy. This eBook provides an easy-to-follow framework on how to do so.

RAN Roundtable - GenAI Part IV: Ongoing Enterprise Development and Training

This peer-to-peer discussion explores strategies for upskilling, continuous workforce training, and how to cultivate a culture of innovation to stay competitive in the rapidly evolving landscape of generative AI.

RAN Roundtable - Analytics Engagement Models

Many data and analytics leaders struggle to create a holistic framework for their team that supports them in successfully navigating the push-pull tension between the business and analytics. Simply avoiding…

Unlocking Machine Learning Success: The BizML Approach

As others wade through the AI hype, Eric Siegel reveals the bizML framework, a six-step practice designed to take machine learning projects from conception to deployment.

2024 AI Legislation and Ethics: Review and Recommendations

Join IIA Experts Carole Piovesan and Durrell Robinson as they discuss the dominant approaches to AI governance and strategies for building flexible ethical frameworks.

2024 Predictions and Priorities: AI Edition

Join this powerhouse panel of IIA Experts and explore emerging trends, technological shifts, and strategic considerations shaping AI strategy in 2024.

Analytics Maturity Transition Guide: Stage 3 to 4

This guide provides a roadmap for organizations moving from Stage 3, where analytical awareness takes root, to Stage 4, where analytics becomes seamlessly integrated into the enterprise.

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