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Advanced analytics programs and projects inevitably reflect the cultural framework within which they are implemented.

Culture issues are nearly always on our clients’ pressing-issues list, and remain on those lists throughout the development and growth phases. Advanced analytics programs and projects succeed when cultural values, norms, and messaging emphasizes the critical role data-driven decision-making plays in the working life of the organization and in its position and power in its markets of choice. IIA has the expertise and practical experience to help clients drive the cultural transformations required for the adoption of advanced analytics.

IIA helps its clients address a range of cultural challenges including:

  • The health of a company’s informal information economy
  • The company culture’s subtle (and not-so-subtle) messages about the value of analytics within the organization
  • The company’s breadth and depth of commitment to building a culture of analytical excellence
  • The appropriate and inappropriate uses of analytical technologies and tools
  • The roles that compensation schemes, company values, organizational authority and “soft” power play in enforcing, promoting, and hindering a company’s transition to advanced analytics