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Plans & Programs

Unplanned, unprogrammed advanced analytics efforts rarely produce measurable business benefit.

The design, development, and implementation of plans and programs, at every level, are chronic challenges for many of our clients. Planning continually, with yearly iterations and an ever-changing portfolio of high-value use cases that requires road mapping and implementation, stresses teams that are not used to this degree of planning and execution, oftentimes taking place simultaneously.

IIA helps clients build strong commitments to planning, to create broad and effective communication strategies, and to measure their effectiveness. Examples include:

  • Linking analytics plans to corporate strategy in clear, validated ways, while also linking those plans to tangible business value
  • Socializing analytics programs, projects, and initiatives to capture business requirements and secure commitments from an array of executive, business, analytics, and IT stakeholders
  • Managing plans and programs in execution including effective messaging, expectation setting, public measurement, and regular communication of status and value