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In depth presentations and panel discussions from IIA leaders, clients and experts on concepts, topics and trends essential for analytics and AI success.

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In this roundtable discussion, data and analytics leaders will explore the interplay between automation and personalization in customer analytics. This session aims to equip data and analytics leaders with strategies…

In this roundtable discussion, data and analytics leaders discuss how they’re currently leveraging AI within their existing data strategy and the challenges they face with this integration. Discussion questions include:…

This roundtable discussion is an extension of Kathleen Maley’s April session on analytics engagement models. This conversation among data and analytics leaders will explore how to effectively identify potential consultants…

As others wade through the AI hype, Eric Siegel reveals the bizML framework, a six-step practice designed to take machine learning projects from conception to deployment.
Join IIA Experts Carole Piovesan and Durrell Robinson as they discuss the dominant approaches to AI governance and strategies for building flexible ethical frameworks.
Join this powerhouse panel of IIA Experts and explore emerging trends, technological shifts, and strategic considerations shaping AI strategy in 2024.
Dan McCreary knows a thing or two about representing knowledge in a vast, complex organization. Come join him in this webinar covering the 2024 AI strategy landscape.
Join us as ANNY Award finalists take the virtual stage to share their methodologies and the incredible impact of their projects before we reveal our 2023 winner.
Elevate your organization’s data and analytics strategy and ask our esteemed panel of IIA Experts about what's keeping you up at night.