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Research & Advisory Network

Access to the leading network of independent analytics expertise, allowing you to apply real practitioner insights against initiatives, projects, and problems.

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Increase Productivity. Accelerate Project Velocity. Maximize Team Effectiveness.

IIA’s RAN provides clients with access to the world’s largest analytics-focused Expert Network. It has been designed specifically to support analytics leaders from team managers to CDAOs. With the dedicated support from your IIA Research Professional working with you each step of the way, clients are guided to relevant practitioner-generated written research and curated 1:1 conversations with Experts on those topics that are most important to you right now.

As you and your team tap into the Expert Network to learn how others have wrestled with similar initiatives and then discuss how those tactics work in your context, you’ll be validating your efforts, making for more reliable outcomes.

There are no vendors here. No lifelong consultants. No time wasted. Just the knowledge you need right now, transferred directly from those who have been in your shoes.

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Expert Network

Analytics professionals face a broad array of challenges from (a) developing a defensible project prioritization framework to (b) understanding the tactical steps in moving to an AI first strategy to (c) building team skill-sets that meet business demand, and more. They require a flexible resource that meets them where their needs are, when those needs arise.

IIA’s Expert Network is fully available to clients to share years of knowledge and experience across the full spectrum of data and analytics, and includes analytics thought-leaders, practitioners, executives, data scientists, data engineers, and others.

Through your dedicated IIA Research Professional, we will curate and facilitate bespoke 1:1 conversations between you and IIA’s Experts, typically within 48hrs. These are tailored specifically to support and address the projects of greatest importance to you. We will then continue to work alongside you to progress your knowledge as you advance along your work stream, increasing both your speed to an outcome and your skill-set to handle the next project that comes your way.

IIA’s Expert Network is about knowledge delivered just-in-time as your needs arise.

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“These calls are incredibly helpful to me, and this is exactly what I was looking for when I joined IIA… to talk to people who have that expertise and background, that help me do my job better.”

Research Library

The most current and relevant written resources on analytics are available in the client-only Research Library. You’ll find strategic frameworks, topic deep dives, leading practices at blue-chip companies and brief responses on the most common topics being worked on across the client community.

Library content is always independent and covers a wide range of topics from foundational research for members just getting started to innovative best-in-class analytics approaches every organization should strive to apply. We’re here to keep you up-to-date while also preparing you for the future.

Start with IIA’s library of practitioner-generated, unbiased knowledge and begin to craft what is and is not relevant to your world.

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Learn More About How To Become A RAN Client

To find out more about IIA’s Research and Advisory Network or to schedule a consultation, please contact us here or email