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2023 AI Legislation and Ethics Best Practices

From Europe’s GDPR to California’s CCPA, governments have cracked down on privacy in a big way – and this regulation will only escalate as AI becomes more entrenched across industries. Recently proposed and passed laws at international and local levels – EU’s AI Act, the White House Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights, New York’s regulation of AI-driven hiring tools – are putting the pressure on data and analytics leaders to incorporate today’s rules while anticipating tomorrow’s.

Join Carole Piovesan and Onyinyechi Daniel for their legal and practitioner expertise and guidance as they shed light on:

• Trends in AI law in the U.S. and beyond and what it means for your business
• Strategies for proactively building AI features and flexible ethical frameworks to get in front of requirements
• Ways for the data and analytics community to actively shape the regulations that are in development