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Business Intelligence Maturity: The Foundation for Advanced Analytics

An organization’s competencies in descriptive and diagnostic business intelligence (BI) lay the foundation for excellence in advanced analytics, and a failure to achieve sufficiency in business intelligence can thwart an organization’s efforts to take meaningful predictive and prescriptive analytics into production. Many companies struggle to achieve BI sufficiency and continue to wrestle with complex design and implementation problems related to the delivery of descriptive business intelligence to their business constituencies.

Industry experts Marc Demarest (CEO, Noumenal) and Marius Moscovici (CEO & Founder, Metric Insights) discuss the quantitative findings from IIA’s 2022 cross-industry Business Intelligence Maturity Market Study, and what those findings suggest about successful — and unsuccessful — strategies and tactics, including assessment, for building a stable BI foundation for your organization’s transition to advanced analytics.

Presented by:

  • Marc Demarest, CEO, Noumenal
  • Marius Moscovici, CEO & Founder, Metric Insights
  • David Alles, Vice President, IIA