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Mindful AI: A Human-Centered Framework for MLOps

The benefits of AI for enterprise optimization and innovation are widely accepted and yet a paradox exists between AI’s potential and adoption: Survey data shows that up to 90% of AI/ML initiatives fail adoption; 70% of AI/ML models don’t evolve; and 50% of CDOs fail within the first year. These staggering statistics illuminate the tendency for organizations to prioritize the technological challenges with artificial intelligence and machine learning, as opposed to embracing AI solutions as a human problem first and foremost.

Join Ahmer Inam, Chief Data & Artificial Intelligence Officer at Relanto – and whose experience includes leadership roles at Nike, PwC, and Wells Fargo – as he shares his human-centric philosophy and framework for implementing AI/ML initiatives. Inam will discuss the building blocks for this approach and walk through his MLOps framework designed to transform collaboration and communication, deliver measurable benefits, and set the foundation for scaling enterprise AI.