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RAN Roundtable: Balancing Act - AI, Automation, and Human-Centric Work

This session aims to explore the delicate interplay between technological advancements and the human workforce. Data and analytics leaders will discuss how AI and automation are reshaping roles, impacting job responsibilities, and redefining what work is carried out by humans versus machines.

Key discussion questions include:

  1. How is AI currently enhancing workforce productivity and which roles are most affected?
  2. What strategies can leaders employ to balance automation with the need for human-centric skills?
  3. How do we address workforce fears and resistance regarding AI and automation?
  4. What are the ethical considerations in deciding what jobs should be automated?
  5. How can data and analytics drive more informed decisions about integrating AI into workforce planning?

IIA virtual roundtables are exclusive, invite-only discussions designed to promote peer-to-peer exchange on pressing challenges in the data and analytics community. Seats are limited and reserved for C-suite data and analytics leaders or equivalent at mid- to large-sized enterprises. Conversations are geared toward non-digital native companies. If you meet these criteria, RSVP and we’ll be in touch.