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RAN Roundtable: Building and Leading AI Teams

Explore innovative strategies for assembling and guiding top-tier AI teams that drive your organization forward in the digital age.

Key discussion questions include:

  1. What are the key characteristics to look for when hiring for AI roles within traditional companies?
  2. How can leaders foster a culture that balances innovation with the regulatory and ethical considerations unique to AI?
  3. What are effective strategies for cross-functional collaboration between AI teams and other business units?
  4. How should companies measure the success of their AI initiatives and the impact of their AI leadership?
  5. What are the challenges of integrating AI into legacy systems, and how can they be overcome to enhance decision-making processes?

IIA virtual roundtables are exclusive, invite-only discussions designed to promote peer-to-peer exchange on pressing challenges in the data and analytics community. Seats are limited and reserved for C-suite data and analytics leaders or equivalent at mid-to large-sized enterprises. Conversations are geared toward non-digital native companies. If you meet these criteria, RSVP and we’ll be in touch.