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RAN Roundtable: Customer Analytics - Personalization and Automation

In this roundtable discussion, data and analytics leaders will explore the interplay between automation and personalization in customer analytics. This session aims to equip data and analytics leaders with strategies to effectively blend AI technologies with personalized customer experiences, ensuring that digital transformations measurably enhance rather than undermine customer engagement.

Discussion questions include:

  • Where are the top opportunities right now for driving ROI from personalization at scale?
  • What are the challenges that limit the impact from personalization, and how can they be overcome?
  • How can AI be used to enhance personalization without compromising the human touch in customer interactions?
  • In what ways can data privacy concerns be addressed when implementing AI-driven personalization?
  • What future trends should businesses anticipate in the evolution of AI in customer experience strategies?

IIA virtual roundtables are exclusive, invite-only discussions designed to promote peer-to-peer exchange on pressing challenges in the data and analytics community. Seats are limited and reserved for C-suite data and analytics leaders or equivalent at mid- to large-sized enterprises. Conversations are geared toward non-digital native companies. If you meet these criteria, RSVP and we’ll be in touch.

Moderated by JP Snow, IIA Expert and Principal and Founder of Customer Catalytics

JP Snow’s experience includes both analytics and business line leadership roles at Charles Schwab, American Express, and GE Capital. In his market research and customer satisfaction leadership, he integrated the latest behavioral analytics to augment traditional survey methods. When leading customer segments, he relied heavily on metrics and a wide range of models to make data-driven decisions. He’s led centralized analytics teams through change, and he’s used customer insights to grow sales and launch new products