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RAN Roundtable - Integrating AI into Your Data Strategy

In this roundtable discussion, data and analytics leaders discuss how they’re currently leveraging AI within their existing data strategy and the challenges they face with this integration.

Discussion questions include:

  • How are you currently leveraging AI within your existing data strategy, and what challenges have you faced with this integration?
  • What steps have you taken to align your AI and data strategy initiatives with broader business objectives?
  • To what extent are organizations utilizing AI for business operations versus directly supporting analytics insights at the business unit level? How does this focus influence cultural change and decision-making?
  • How are data and analytics leaders keeping pace with the rapid change in AI technologies and approaches to integrating enterprise data?
  • How are data and analytics leaders preparing for significant evolutions in the ability to do analytics on new forms of data, such as analytics on text?

IIA virtual roundtables are exclusive, invite-only discussions designed to promote peer-to-peer exchange on pressing challenges in the data and analytics community. Seats are limited and reserved for C-suite data and analytics leaders or equivalent at mid- to large-sized enterprises. Conversations are geared toward non-digital native companies. If you meet these criteria, RSVP and we’ll be in touch.

Moderated by David Boyle, IIA Expert and Author of PROMPT

David Boyle has over 20 years of experience using technology to develop audience intelligence and strategy capabilities in the creative industries. His work has changed the culture and economics of the world’s most prestigious entertainment and luxury brands, including EMI Music, HarperCollins Publishers, BBC, MasterClass and Harrods. Boyle runs Audience Strategies, an agency that helps brands use a deep understanding of their audiences to drive growth, and is the author of PROMPT, a series of practical guides for using LLMs like ChatGPT across various industries.