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Disciplined Self Serve BI Enables Advanced Analytics

“Self-service is best characterized as a broader business effort to continue the maturation of your enterprise analytics. Core to that maturation is a focus on identifying more and better business challenges against which to apply predictive and prescriptive (advanced) analytics techniques, by reducing the resource expenditure on supporting your organization’s reliance on reporting and descriptive business intelligence”

Join Metric Insights and IIA as we discuss IIA’s framework for Self-Service BI and share some of the ways to think about and implement a self service BI strategy.

This webinar discusses how to:

  • Clean up your current BI environment so users can find what they need
  • Implement a BI governance layer to ensure trust in your BI
  • Provide a mechanism for all users to publish their own BI and Analytics
  • Ensure that you have a way to measure and manage your Self Service program
  • Free up your analytics resources to focus on advanced analytics